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George Muirhead

mobile: 0411 619 722
outside Australia: +61 411 619 722


What Do We Do?
We are a company dedicated to the creation of an economically and environmentally viable alternative to fossil fuels by the use of Pongamia Pinnata (AKA Milletia PInnata).

What Is Pongamia?
Pongamia is a legume tree which is native to Australia and most of the tropical world. We are discovering the many extremes it can handle, including frost, and salty ground, amongst other things.

More importantly pongamia can produce up to 10,000L of oil per hectare, which can be run straight in a slightly modified diesel engine, or converted to biodiesel.

How Can You Grow Pongamia?
Within Australia, we can supply you with seedlings or larger trees, and teach you how to grow them and become a part of this revolutionary industry.

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