Pongamia Open Day

On the 22nd of May 2014 Sharon Samuel (a PhD student from the University of Queensland) set up an open day at the Wamuran trial plantation.  For pics and info about the day you can find them on the pongamia project website here.   Here are the videos Sharon produced and played to the crowd:

Update on Origin/ UQ / BPA trial

Pongamia Trials
Over the last few years we have collaborated with a number of groups including the University of Queensland’s Legume Group (headed by Peter Gresshoff), Origin Energy, and a number of other vital partners.  During this time we have produced many significant advances in the selection and cloning of pongamia.  Click “read more” to see some pictures from our various projects.


Sheep graizing in 5 year old trees at Elimbah research farm.


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Roma Trial on Landline

BioEnergy Research is currently involved in a research program with the University of Queensland, which involves the selection of high yielding varieties of Pongamia (Millettia).  So far it has yielded many results, including 5 elite trees.   The research is continuing to improve the yield potential of these trees.

On top of this, BioEnergy Research has a tissue culture lab on the Sunshine Coast, and a Trial Nursery and Farm in Wamuran, QLD.

(below) Landline 9th of May 2010

The trial we started with the University of Queensland at the Roma Origin Energy site.

Sunday Mail Article, Aug 10, 2008


*note, a factual error exists in this article. “A hectare of the trees can produce 5500 litres of biodiesel a year – enough to run 100 cars for a year.” should read “enough to run 100 cars for a week @ 55 litres per week”. “Farmers are already rushing to get hold of seeds imported from the South American rainforests to grow plantations of trees that will produce alternative fuel to run machinery and vehicles on their properties. And scientists say the potential of some native Australian plants to be grown commercially as a renewable fuel source for transport and industry is exciting. Researchers from the University of Queensland have partnered with Origin Energy and Pacific Renewable Energy on several hectares of pilot plantations of pongamia pinnata – sometimes referred to as native wisteria – at Roma and Caboolture.

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Branching out into biodiesel

Courier Mail – Jan 13, 2008



THIS tree deserves a hug. It has rescued Indian villagers from starvation and helped fight malaria. But it’s not resting on its laurels. The Pongamia Pinnata tree is now being investigated as a way to help Australia’s efforts to avert climate change, by providing a low-cost, non-polluting alternative to greenhouse gas-emitting fuels. UN advisers on climate change have warned that greenhouse gas emissions must peak within eight years if a global temperature rise is to stay within a manageable level. Meanwhile energy experts see global oil output reaching a peak in the near future. The hunt for alternative fuels has begun, but it is a minefield where many solutions have dire side-effects.

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What Do We Do?
We are a company dedicated to the creation of an economically and environmentally viable alternative to fossil fuels by the use of Pongamia Pinnata (AKA Milletia PInnata).

What Is Pongamia?
Pongamia is a legume tree which is native to Australia and most of the tropical world. We are discovering the many extremes it can handle, including frost, and salty ground, amongst other things.

More importantly pongamia can produce up to 10,000L of oil per hectare, which can be run straight in a slightly modified diesel engine, or converted to biodiesel.

How Can You Grow Pongamia?
Within Australia, we can supply you with seedlings or larger trees, and teach you how to grow them and become a part of this revolutionary industry.

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